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Black On Black Crime

For the fashion QOD Doll that loves to wear black....Β  AHT AHT! We not playing that game this year.Β  Wearing "Black on Black" is a crime and this year we are brightening up our personalities with a new color.Β  Not too bright tho, I got you on the first step to this transition.Β Β 

The best approach to slow your way out of the "always wearing black phase" is to start with shades of nude.Β  Nude is a safe color to wear as it basically goes with anything!Β  Wearing your outfit in the sunshine or atΒ your favorite bar still gives you that comfortability, being incognito but looking cute in your outfit at the same time.Β  I like to call nude the "Silent Fashion Killer".Β  I get it, black is the best color out here.Β  But we can not allow our closets to overflow with black everything and be sweating our hair out.Β  Yes, it's true, black fabric does absorbs more heat in the Spring/Summer seasons.Β  This year we are going to try something different.Β 

Nude colors are actually easy to match with shoes and other pieces of clothing. Notice how in many of your jeans the stitching is a shade of nude or how when you get your face beat the "natural look" is often some kind of nude.Β  So yes, this color is a great go to as a skin tone camouflage.Β 

And I meant that for ALL SHADES OF QOD DOLLS.Β  Think about it and comment your thoughts.Β Β 

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